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German Paraglider Pilot Rescued

A German paragliding flyer/pilot/jockey/under-slung attachment had a flying accident up in the Gelibra area of Almuñecar. Protección Civil, firemen, the Policía Local in Almuñécar and the Guardia Civil mountain-rescue unit took part in his rescue.

Policeman Injured

A member of the Granada Policía Local was injured during a rescue operation to save a young Belgian woman who was trapped on a ledge after falling down a ravine in the Jesús del Valle area.

Caught in a Gale

At the beginning of last month, a gale whipped up and caught two lads out fishing, whose boat then sank under them – this happened just off Almuñécar.

Paraglider Ditches Off Taramay

Have you ever watched the hang gliders and paragliders flying over the beach and wondered how they are not blown out to sea? Well, it does happen, as was the case of a female paraglider pilot, who had to be rescued by the Guardia Civil coastguards.