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Beach Damage

Torrenueva beach, along with the rest of the Costa Granadina, took a good beating from the gales during mid December. The consequent damage was such that the Provincial Council declared that they would provide technical and financial assistance to restore the beach.

Park Improvements

Talking of the town’s main park, the Parque de las Americas, it’s going to receive a facelift, as well. The town’s skint (broke) but as voters have to be ‘stimulated,’ money from somewhere will be found – or borrowed – to impress them, naturally.

Tienda Danesa, Take 2!

(NW) Violette and Ebbe from La Tienda Danesa, Almuñécar, have opened a new shop in Frigliana called La Joyería Danesa, on Calle Hernando el Darra – No 2, Bajo. They are having an open day on Monday 3rd May from 11.00am and everyone is welcome.

Money for Road Damage

You will all, no doubt be pleased to hear that the Central Government and the Junta de Andalucía are going to chuck three million euros at the Alpujarra road system…

Tienda Danesa

This fantastic little jewellery store and workshop, in the centre of Almuñécar will be celebrating their 5th anniversay on 28th of Aug. To that end, all friends and customers will get drinks and snacks for the whole day!