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New Page on Site

By Martin Myall

We have opened up a new page on the Seaside Gazette site entitled Your Questions, where you can leave questions and answers without having to register or log in. »

Motril Pet Chip Readers

By Vivienne Hughes

Motril Town Hall has acquired six new devices for reading the microchips that pets have inserted under their fur for identification purposes. »

Conference on Rural Tourism Law

By Vivienne Hughes

Since the new law on holiday rentals has come into effect, 208 establishments in the province have inscribed on the Registro de Turismo de Andalucía. »

San Miguel School Begins Pupil Registration

By Vivienne Hughes

This year for the first time, Almuñécar's San Miguel junior school will open its doors to 3-year olds. But you had better be quick! »

Move To Tackle Illegal Homes in Salobreña

By 1616books

Salobreña City Council approved a new bylaw that will give all those wooden homes and properties that are not legal; i.e., are on greenbelt land, a chance to register. »

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