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Santa Ana Malpractice

By Hugh MacArthur

(COH 10C) The Andalusian Supreme Court (TSJA) has sentenced the regional health board to pay out 171,300 euros to an ex-patient at Hospital Santa Ana. »

Pickaxe Murder Sentence Confirmed

By Martin Myall

The Regional Supreme Court has ratified a 23-year prison sentence for Javier Stephan I.M. in Almería for having murdered his wife using a pickaxe. The 31-year-old condemned man had inflicted 24 blows with a small pickaxe to the victim's head, before making sure of his intentions by slitting her throat. »

Hotel Demolition?

By Editor

The Regional Supreme Court has just rejected the Town Hall’s last possible appeal against a sentence that will force Hotel Bahía Tropical (Taramay) to carry out partial demolition. »

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