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Impersonating A Policeman

This piece of regional news come from the province of Jaen and deals with a man who, impersonating a policeman, allegedly kept a woman locked up for three days in her house, sexual abused her, and for good measure, robbed here.

Regional News – November

More Judicial Surprises A father, who had been previously acquitted of the charge of repeatedly sexually abusing his 8-year-old daughter, was retried, by order of the Supreme Court, but before a different judge to the first. He was subsequently found guilty, sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment and ordered to pay 30,000 euros in compensation. The…

Regional News – October

7,000 Happy Bunnies Yes, the locals from Jete, Lentegí, Lobres, La Rábita and El Castillo – the aforesaid mentioned number – will have partial access to the regional health service’s data banks, meaning that certain tasks can be carried out without leaving the comfort of your own home. Diraya is a system that permits patients…

Regional News December

From December on we have decided to post our Andalucía section on line, but as a string, so that you can scroll down through the articles, rather than jumping from one page to another.