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Done Over?

Around 100 British families are taking a Spanish real-estate developer, as well as three ex-agents of a British agency, to court after having paid out in total over 4.5m euros for second homes in Estepona; homes that were never built.

Karcher Immobilaria

I think the whole world is interested in the housing market at the moment, whether you own property or rent. People are guessing and second-guessing when this crisis is going to end.

Mengel & Partners

The firm has existed for more than ten years in Marina del Este, but the team has more than 20 years experience in the market. They have built an outstanding reputation based on professionalism, quality and impeccable pre-&-after-sales service.

Coendu S.L.

Coendu SL are based on Avenida Don Juan Carlos (next to Delfin Books) in Almuñécar and are a real one-stop shop for all things to do with real estate and administration.

Real Estate Fair

The was a real-estate fair held in the marquee on Plaza Kuwait (next to the aquarium) to exhibit just some of the 500 dwellings in Almuñécar that don’t have an owner; i.e., newly built and never sold, as well as the many second-hand homes on sale.