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High Schools Upset

ALM IES Al Andalus

It appears that the two high-schools in Almuñécar are not happy bunnies over the decision to make IES Puerta del Mar into one, as well.

Wet, Wet & Wetter!

LHR Stones on Beachroad 01

There have only been brief respites in the rain in the last few days, and we’ve got at least another week of this to come – lucky trees!

Cotobro Beach Work

The Central Government department, Costas, has organized the ‘regeneration’ of sand on Cotobro beach so that it is ready for the summer onslaught.

Illegal Boats Removed

The Almuñécar Town Hall has begun to remove beached illegal boats from its beaches; i.e., those that display no registration markings and show signs of having been abandoned.