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Jobs for the Boys?

The party spokesman for the local branch of the Izquierda Unida for Salobreña, Angel Coello, has denounced that the socialist administration under Mayor Gonzalo Pullido intends to increase the number of advisory posts within the town-council administration.

Stable Government in Salobreña

With the official incorporation of the ex-PSI councillor into the municipal governing council, the Mayor, Gonzalo Fernández Pulido, now controls a majority government, which will make his life a lot easier when it come to getting things passed by the councillor plenary meetings.

Socialist Upheaval

When the only councillor from the PSI (Partido Socialista Independiente) announced that he was leaving the party to join the mainstream socialist party in Salobreña, his hitherto boss and mentor was incensed.

Salobrena’s New Socialist Mayor

Socialist, Gonzalo Fernández Pulido, was sworn in as the new Mayor of Salobreña, as expected, leading a minority governing council. Like the town’s neighbour, Almuñécar, the Mayor will have to strike deals on major voting issues during the next four years, which will inevitably translate into ceding political stances in order to get the necessary motions through.

Socialists Win Salobrena

It was on the cards, so no surprises there: the PSOE regained the Mayor’s office after eight years of PP councils under the Jesus Avelino.

Calle Nueva Chaos

The halted work on Calle Nueva is raising blisters on the Town Hall’s complaints desk as locals lose patience. The Calle Nueva belongs to the centro histórico of Salobreña, containing many businesses that are being adversely affected by the road works, especially since any signs of activity have disappeared since May.