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Catastro Shake Up

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar Town Hall has renewed an accord after almost 25 years, which deals with the Catastro on which property tax is based. »

Almuñécar IBI Reduction

By Vivienne Hughes

The Almuñécar Town Council approved a reduction in the IBI tax rate for 2019 yesterday in a Plenary Meeting that also dealt with other points. »

Property Tax Scare

By Martin Myall

There has been a general cry of alarm after it became known that the 2018 budget included linking the catastro to real market property prices. »

Motril Property Tax Too High?

By Hugh MacArthur

In 2006 the Motril Town Hall under a coalition administration revised the Catastro, recalculating property values at the height of the boom. Consequently, the calculations are far removed from today's reality. »

IBI Up Again in Salobreña

By Martin Myall

The Salobreña Town Council has approved an increase in the IBI (property tax) From 0.4% to 1.0%, which, according to the IU (left wing) party, makes the total increase so far as 40%. »

Motril Austerity Measures

By Martin Myall

The Motril Town Hall is set to cut 8,000,000 euros from its budget in order not to raise municipal taxes or be forced to axe jobs, the Vice-Mayor/Councillor for the Economy, José García Fuentes, explained. »

IBI Increased by 10%

By Martin Myall

The Association for Small & Medium Business for Almuñécar and La Herradura (APYME) has decried the 'disproportionate' rise in property tax (IBI), which went up by 10% for 2012. »

Salobreña and its IBI

By Editor

A series of events concerning the IBI (municipal property tax) took place over a span of four days in Salobreña, causing quite a stir. »

Property Tax Overturned

By Editor

The Supreme Court of Andalucía has declared as null and void the municipal council meeting that approved the rise in the IBI (property rates). »

Local Politics

By Dave Nichols

A couple of pieces regarding local politics (I told you elections were on the agenda, didn’t I?). Firstly, the PSOE has been complaining about the state of the facilities (nursing homes) for the elderly in both Salobreña and Lobres. Apparently, the facilities are worse than useless, Not even a glass of clean water is... »

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