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Long (distance) Runner?!

Although it is only weeks since the scandal broke over our President’s bearings, it slowly starts to feel like years. Under every pebble lurks a new ‘scandal’ and I can’t help but think, that there are a lot of people out there who follow their own agendas even if it is only higher sales figures or ratings. Saying that the ongoing controversy partly is his fault, too; bad management – admitting news only after it breaks does not appear very trustworthy.

My Tailor is Rich

Francisco Camps, the handsome, suave ex-president of Valencia, resigned a few months ago from office in order to face down charges that he had accepted several expensive suits as gifts. In turn, one supposes, the free suits guaranteed someone or someone’s certain favourable treatment.

ICS New President

After three years as President, Arlene Nichols has stepped down. Under her leadership, the membership has tripled, from about 50 members to approximately 150, and the range of activities arranged by the Club has seen an immense expansion.

VIP Visit

La Herradura had a famous visitor at the end of December. Although the event went largely unnoticed, the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, dropped in one Sunday to enjoy some afternoon sunshine and a bite to eat.
Joaquin at Chamboa de Joaquin has been a busy man lately, with his spectacular annual charity paella event in Almuñécar, and prior to that, where did Ms. McAleese and her entourage decide to enjoy a view of the bay and a bit of Spanish nosh? You’ve guessed it!