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Marina Playa Granada

The company that intent to build a marina on Playa Granada has now presented its viability report to the Junta de Andalucia. There Project has a budget of 85 million euros and would make a huge change to the prospects for this part of the town and tourism in Motril in general.

Motril Air Fair

The 6th Annual Motril Air Show went off very well – around 10,000 spectators turned up, according to the organisers. It didn’t seem like that many to me, but it was certainly packed.

Motril Annual Air Display

The sixth annual air display will be held on the 5th of June – we’re telling you now and will remind you next month – on Playa Granada. As it’s also the centenary anniversary of aviation history in Spain, the organiser, José Miguel Pérez hopes to be able to include aircraft from the UK, Portugal and North America.

Bye Bye Beach?

The high cost of sorting out the rapidly disappearing beach of Playa Granada, estimated at 15 million euros, probably means that it is not going to get sorted out this side of the Second Coming.

British Tourist Dies

Tragic news was reported on the 21st of July, when an English tourist drowned off Playa Granada, owing to intense stomach cramp brought on by bathing to soon after having eaten.