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Baby Shark In Plastic Squeeze

By Editor

As if to highlight this problem, just a few days ago a fisherman working out of Motril found a small redhead, a species of shark, with the ring of a soft drinks bottle around its mouth. »

More Plastic for Motril

By Martin Myall

Motril Town Hall is in the middle of negotiations with the Junta to unblock its plans before this regional authority for a greenhouse-sector expansion. »

Spring Beach Clean Up

By Ann Jenkins

A total of 31 team captains and 583 volunteers representing 27 countries participated in the Playa Patrol Spring Clean, which was the beach event in Almuñécar on Saturday the 23rd. »

Beach Cleaning Success

By Gazette Reader

(DLC13) More than 350 people, including families and children, volunteered their time on Saturday, October the 6th to pick up plastic and other waste in La Herradura and Marina del Este. »

EU on Spanish Plastic Waste

By Hugh MacArthur

Plastic recycling is definitely not going according to plan in Spain, as far as Europe is concerned. »

Beach Plastic Clean Up

By Vivienne Hughes

A dozen volunteers have cleared up nearly half a tonne of debris on Playa de Fuentepiedra, which had been dragged down Rio Verde in Almuñécar by the heavy rainfall. »

Motril Awareness Campaign over Agricultural Waste

By Hugh MacArthur

The Motril Town Hall is in the middle of an awareness campaign aimed at farmers and agricultural waste, principally plastic. »

East Costa Tropical Rubbish Problems

By Vivienne Hughes

Travelling East along the coast of Granada, once you get to Motril the greenhouses start, and where there are greenhouses, you have rubbish. Perhaps for this reason the locals of Castell, Gualchos, Lújar, Polops and Carchuna-Calahonda are aware and troubled by the problem. »

Fruit Crate Snatchers Nabbed

By Martin Myall

About a month ago we ran an article on how tens of thousands of plastic fruit crates had disappeared from outside plastic greenhouses - the mystery has been solved. Five people have been arrested over the robbery of over 40,000 fruit crates. »

Missing Fruit Crates

By Martin Myall

Come on! admit it; who hasn't got a plastic fruit crate amongst their possessions, being very handy boxes in which to store things? Well, quite a few readers will probably be nodding. »

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