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Blacklists & Consumer Protection, Spain

The current economic climate has led to an increase in people and companies getting into debt all over Europe. This has in turn fostered the emergence of “credit blacklists”, where people and companies that have defaulted on payments are recorded.

New Fiscal Fraud Laws

On October 29th 2012, the Spanish parliament approved Law 7/2012 with the object of fighting fiscal crime. It is a mixture of new and the modification of the previous law. It is hoped that it will curb several categories of fiscal crimes.

Farewell Cash, Credit Cards, and Cash Registers!

Have you ever wanted to not have to use (and carry) cash or credit/debit cards and not have to deal with long lines at cash registers? Well, by 2020 (a mere 8 years away) there is a reality that we could face which is that the majority of payment transactions will be made electronically.

Beach Damage

Torrenueva beach, along with the rest of the Costa Granadina, took a good beating from the gales during mid December. The consequent damage was such that the Provincial Council declared that they would provide technical and financial assistance to restore the beach.

Tax in Installments

Even more electioneering. The Ayuntamiento has announced that it will now accept payment of local taxes in twelve ‘easy installments.’ Puts you in mind of one of those financing commercials, doesn’t it?