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80,000-Euro Scam

The Guardia Civil, hitherto known as the Green Meanies, arrested a couple from the Alpujarra region for allegedly scamming 80,000 euros from their victims… bless them.

Day Centre for the Elderly

The Archbishop of Granada has ceded its old persons’ home in Lanjarón to the Town Hall, which is in the middle of converting it to a day centre for the elderly.

Orange-Level Alert

Keeping to a meteorological flavour, there was an orange-level alert over an expected storm and downpours during the last weekend of September.

First Snow Fall

Even before summer had officially ended, we had our first snowfall up in the Sierra Nevada. On the 13th of September there was a light snowfall around the 3,000-metre mark.

Money for Clubs and Associations

On the first of September it was announced that the Town Hall would be granting subventions to social associations and clubs. This news was soured by a press release on the 3rd, when it was announced that Almuñécar social associations still hadn’t received their grants from 2008. The Town hall announced that it would share…

Majuelo Stage to be Demolished

The stage structure or auditorium in the Parque Majuelo is in a lamentable state of disrepair and badly in need funds, so when the town received a healthy amount of cash for infrastructure projects from the Central Government, hands were set to work to draw up an impressive project for the park, but…

Forgotten Heroes?

ALM Sep 09 flood

Exactly two years ago (from the writing of this article) Almuñécar experienced its worse flooding in 60 years, resulting in one death and considerable damages to the infrastructure of both Almuñécar and La Herradura, yet…

More Blue Zones

On the 5th of September it was announced that a further 300 free parking spaces would be converted to blue-zone parking behind the San Cristóbal beach road.

Mayor Out-Foxed?

The Public Prosecutor is recommending a 21,600-euro fine for the Mayor for having allegedly called the then socialist opposition leader, Rocio Palacios, a ‘Zorra,’ (bitch/slut/vixen).