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Brutal Stabbing

A man from La Caleta was attacked by a knife-man upon answering the door – the assailant continued to stab him even as the victim stumbled down the road in search of help

Sweet Crime

Mini Magnificent Seven raid sweet kiosk in Salobreña but nabbed by police with the stolen goodies still in their sticky possession

A Fine Mess II

Did the Almuñécar Town Hall bite off more than it could chew when it decided to levy 500 fines (according to the PSOE opposition party) in two days? Rumour had it that they had prepared another 500 but had decided to axe the second batch after encountering a very unimpressed business sector.

A Fine Mess I

Businesses within Almuñécar were shocked and dismayed to receive up to nine, 300-euro fines (2,700€) in one day for allegedly breaching rubbish placement regulations.

Órgiva Fiestas

Here’s all the low down on Órgiva’s fiestas, starting on Thursday the 1st and finishing on the Sunday the 4th, if you’re lucky.

Summer Summary

SAL N-340 Traffic Jams 2009

The summer is tapering off and drawing towards its conclusion. With the kids going back to school virtually two weeks earlier than normal, the sensation of the summer having finished is more pronounced. So, just how did it go?

Firemen Give Hose-Handling Classes

Residents of Monte de los Almendros received a special visit last month from the firemen of Motril. Luckily there wasn’t a flame in sight and the reason for the visit was purely educational (oh, if only I’d known).

Ítrabo Fiestas

In the last half of August, as the crowds started dribbling off the beach, I was just beginning to think all the partying was over. But then I had underestimated the Spanish.


The brilliant avant-guard village swimming pool in Lobres (designed by DJ Arquitect, how cool?) that recently opened its doors to the public, is now offering Aquagym classes.