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Ombudsman Criticises La Junta

The Regional Ombudsman, José Chamizo, has not only been throwing lightning bolts at Benny over the state of Almuñécar, but he has also been casting them at the Junta de Andalucía, whom he

Peña Escrita and Lion Attacks

Peña Escrita, Almuñécar’s very controversial mountain park, has been in the news on three occasions this month, and only one them for a positive reason. The

Three Tragic Deaths

There were three tragic deaths in Almuñécar, prior to our closing the September edition. Two motorbike accidents produced to fatalities on the same day and a man drowned in a private swimming pool two days later.

Dental Clinic Fire

As if one fire story weren’t enough, here’s another to get you checking your smoke alarms, sprinklers and fire extinguishers.
Fire broke out on the night of the 12th August in the small dental clinic called La Clinica, located in the corner of Plaza Nueva.

Beach Blaze

Being an ‘on-the-ball’ journalist, when I saw and heard fire engines flying around the village recently I decided to have another beer and think about what to do next. Sorry.

Seabed Protection

Talking of boats, the problems caused by the removal of items from a nineteenth century Spanish wreck by the crew of Odyssey, and the subsequent litigation has triggered the authorities to better preserve the seabed and all it contains.

Marina Crisis

The ‘crisis’ is adversely affecting the pleasure craft industry, and the results of this problem are evident in Marina del Este, where there are more boats for sale than ever before.

Pending Tapas Fair

There is a strong possibility that La Herradura may have its very own Tapas Fair, in the Plaza Nueva, sometime towards the end of September.

New Junctions

Work continues on the new access road between Cuesta del Marchante and the San Antonio roundabout, which will give much better access to the N-340 from the Peña Parda end of the bay, and will help drivers to avoid those pesky multas as well the possibility of getting wiped out whilst trying to illegally cross the road on a bend.