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Beach Brolly Rebellion!

You will all remember the great beach brolly rebellion of 2004, when the Mayor, for the first time, banned unattended beach equipment, under threat of being confiscated.

Memorial Cycle Race

The XV Memorial Luis Alberto Barbero MTB 2009 cycle race was held towards the end of May, and I managed to get some photos as the competitors passed along the beach road section.

In a Roundabout Way…

First of all I saw a man arrive in Calle Real, outside my place, and erect his large instrument… he was with a young woman who proceeded to look into his instrument whilst another man stood further up the road firmly gripping his pole. What is going on I thought to myself!

Medical Centre Woes

The First Councillor for La Herradura , Juan José Ruiz Joya, has denounced the ‘deficiencies’ experienced in the medical centre in La Herradura.

More Crime?

Regular readers will recall the incidents of indecent exposure reported recently in the Gazette, which have occurred in both La Herradura and Almuñécar.

P-4 Traffic Light Hoax

There was an email in Spanish circulating, one of which I received, about the traffic lights on the P-4. The author claimed that it was a sort of dishonest police trap.