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Cars Damaged

I finish with the fun stuff. In Northern Europe, your car tends to be in danger of ‘keying’ (scratching cars with a key – Ed) by rowdy teenagers under the influence.

Sugar Cane Fields Development

The local rag (Ideal) highlights the ‘Green Light’ being given to develop the former sugar cane fields in La Caleta. The plans include, as regular readers will know, a large marina along with one or more luxury Hotels.

Tax in Installments

Even more electioneering. The Ayuntamiento has announced that it will now accept payment of local taxes in twelve ‘easy installments.’ Puts you in mind of one of those financing commercials, doesn’t it?

Gas Pipeline

On the subject of pipelines, we have also been treated to another major announcement from our Mayor regarding improvements to our infrastructure.

Dam Problems

Let’s start with one of our favourites– the Rules Dam. Believe it or not, the subject of exactly how to distribute the water from this magnificent (and hugely expensive) edifice is now on the local political table. And, as you might expect, local politics is, to say the least, extremely local.

What a Month!

What a month! Between sorting out the Irish economy (you will take the money, you economic illiterates) and sending the Kim Jong dynasty to the naughty step for causing another nasty mess in Korea, one has been extremely busy. Not to mention the time spent trying to track down Gordon Brown, so that he might…

Park Improvements

Talking of the town’s main park, the Parque de las Americas, it’s going to receive a facelift, as well. The town’s skint (broke) but as voters have to be ‘stimulated,’ money from somewhere will be found – or borrowed – to impress them, naturally.

Witch Works

The work on the Rambla de las Brujas, which is the one that runs alongside Al Campo down to the port, will begin this month.