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Bus Station Project

News on the new bus station: work will begin in ‘a few months;’ the cynical amongst us would probably respond to this statement, “Yes ‘a few months’ ending in ber”

Attempted Mugging

Returning to Torrenueva, a woman was mugged by hooded thieves, armed with a pistol – and not a water pistol, so we can rule out off-duty firemen.

Flood Courses

Talking of the rain-loaded gales, the Motril fire service has been receiving special courses on how to deal with flooding, seeing as two out of every ten call-outs during last year required them to pump out floodwater from basements, etc. All, told such call-outs numbered 75 during 2010.

Beach Damage

Torrenueva beach, along with the rest of the Costa Granadina, took a good beating from the gales during mid December. The consequent damage was such that the Provincial Council declared that they would provide technical and financial assistance to restore the beach.

Attempted Accident Con

The Motril law courts have sentenced a driver to one year’s imprisonment for jumping a red light and by so doing, causing an accident. For once, it wasn’t some idiot on a moped, causing an accident involving a car, but vice versa.

Tragic Father

An Englishman, who had lost custody of his daughter, attempted to burn himself alive in front of the main police station, near the port road. Only the swift intervention of two police officers prevented him from carrying out the act.

Farewell El Ancla!

Goodbye and Farewell! It is with great sadness I write the next article about El Ancla. After over seven years of being a main feature in La Herradura, providing some of the best tucker in town, the premises owners have unfortunately asked for the premises back.

Dave & Arlene Move

And that, dear readers, is about that. Except – our dearest Ed has asked if we would continue a contribution to the mag, from the USA – so we might appear in these hallowed pages in future, but with a different slant on things. Which means, to all of you, my thanks for reading the…

Curry Charity

I would be remiss, if I did not mention the wonderful Curry Lunch, prepared by Mike & Jenny Comley recently, in aid of a charity called “Children in India.”