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Here’s a story with a happy ending, but also a worrying aspect to it as well. Some of you may have noticed the posters around the village last month asking for information about the whereabouts of a little Yorkshire Terrier called Heidi, who disappeared from outside De La Cuesta estate agents on the Paseo.

Rosario de la Aurora

At the end of December, at the inhospitable time of 6:30am it was raining, but that didn’t stop the traditional Rosario del la Aurora taking place. This tradition has been going since the San José village church.

Pensioner Party

The pensioners of La Herradura enjoyed a munching fest, Christmas Dinner, at the Hotel Almijara on the 16th of December.

Drug Store?

A little bit of special Christmas shopping was nipped in the bud, when the Guardia Civil swooped on what has been described as a ‘drugs supermarket.’

Partying in December

The early-December bank holiday went reasonably well, according to hotel occupation figures, which recorded 90% occupation rate.
El Puente de la Constitución (6th – 8th December) is always the first indication of winter tourism, so these positive figures were received with relief, even though not all hoteliers probably had to beat back tourists with a stick, undoubtedly.

Mayoress Slams Mancomunidad

Mayoress of Órgiva blames Carlos Rojas, in his capacity as Chairman of the Mancomunidad (local area council) for Olías and Fregenite’s lack of water, or better said, their not being connected to the mains water reservoir, located in the Contraviesa.

ITV for La Alpujarra

It might seem strange to be talking about 2011 as we begin 2010, but there is a bit of welcome news concerning a planned ITV station for Alpujarra for that year.

Blustery Three Kings

Locals say that this year’s Cabalgata de Los Reyes Magos, is going to be a blustery affair, because it will take the route of La Variente, which is pretty unprotected from the belligerent, chilling wind, hurtling down the mountain.