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TDT Arrives

On the 18th of January we went onto TDT (Televisión Digital Terrestre) all over Spain, Almuñécar included. TDT is digital transmission via normal terrestrial broadcasts, rather than via a satellite.

Delivery Vehicle Restrictions

On the subject of roadworks, which include the inevitable elimination of free parking, the Councillor for Traffic and Citizen Safety, María Dolores Sánchez Montes, announced that the Town Hall would be issuing a new band to ‘facilitate the rotation of loading and unloading areas.’

Avenida de Andalucía Re-opened

Well, at last the business along the Avenida de Andalucía can take a small breather, thanks to this thoroughfare being opened again to traffic on the 13th of January, even though it was promised that this main traffic artery would be opened in time for Christmas.

Cabra Road Cut

The Jete road was cut twice last month, once by the road being washed away and the other time by a rock slide.