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Hospital Pay-Out

Motril Hospital has got itself into the news in a rather unhealthy manner and has now to make a payment of 10,870 euros to a patient known as E.M.M.

European Sharks’ Week

A week (10th – 18th October) will be dedicated to European sharks and their plight – and we don’t mean the ones in suits. Thanks to a coalition of non-governmental organisations, the Shark Alliance has been able to put together this event to promote awareness as to the plight of sharks in our waters. Pop…

The Bard Comes to the Costa

English speaking residents and visitors to the Costa Tropical will have a rare chance to see Shakespeare’s greatest comedy live in January, when a theatre company from Staffordshire brings A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the cultural centres of Salobreña and Almuñécar. The Trentham Shakespeare Company was formed three years ago specifically to present open-air Shakespeare…

British Consulate Visits Coast

The British Consulate in Málaga and the Pension, Benefit and Healthcare Team are holding an open event in Almuñecar, Granada, presenting advice on some of the issues that matter most to British residents. This will be held on Thursday 22nd October.

Fem Power

A touch of Fem Power was abounding during the III Feria de Mujeres Emprendedoras, which was held in the huge function hall at the Balneario de Lanjarón.

Lobras vs. Phone Masts

The placing of a mobile-telephone mast right next to the Lobras sports centre will be earning Telefónica no Christmas cards this year – nobody in this small village likes it being there.