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Dig Deeper

Locals of Nerja are going to have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for their rubbish collections. Bear in mind that the rates for domestic rubbish collections have been static since 1992. The cost of the service was incorporated into the IBI, or local, property tax.

Follow me on Twitter

Twitter is with Facebook one of the most successful social networks today. It’s a ‘microblogging’ service that enables users to post short messages of 140 characters (known as Tweets) or pictures.

Artificial Reefs for Cerro Gordo

The regional Board for Agriculture and Fishing has presented a prior study for the installation of artificial reefs just off the Acantilados de Maro and Cerro Gordo; i.e. the natural park.

Skinny Cows Time

It might have been a dismal Easter, weather wise, but the drought continues, especially in the Alpujarra, where a lack of green pasture is costing farmers dearly.

Fish Farm Restarts

Owing to the crisis, the Salobreña and Carchuna pisifactorias (fish farms) have slowly shut down, at first not breeding any more fish and just raising the ones already in the system, and when that concluded, by shutting down the pens as well. They ceased to exist within a year of each other; 2010 & 2011. Now a new company has stepped in to put both farms back into action.

Best Not Annoyed

A woman was arrested by the Policía Nacional for assaulting her boyfriend with her telephone. It was only when she knocked him out with a blow to he back of the neck, rendering him unconscious, that she decided to call it a day and phone 091 for help.

Itrabo Before the Judge

If you want a case of people building what they like, were the hell they like, then you need only take the back road between Ítrabo and Jete; You climb past multi-storey houses, some looking more ornate than a wedding cake.

Two Electricians Injured

Two electricians in Almuñécar were injured when they received a high-voltage discharge whilst working on a fuse box in the garage of a 4-storey building on Avenida Don Juan Carlos, just before five in the afternoon.

Underhand Dealings

It was meant to be a straight forward drug deal, with nearly a kilo of cocaine changing hands for just over 60,000 euros, but it in fact changed hands in exchange for an discharge from an tazer and a spot of good old fashion aggression in general.