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Choir Congress

Salobreña enjoyed the fifth year of the Encuentro de Polifonía de Otoño at the beginning of last month at the town auditorium. This musical performance counted on the participation Coral Armiz from Motril, as well as the Maison de France, who are from Granada. There was also a group of flautists called Banu-Nai. The home…

Raising a Wreck

Do you remember, years back, when that fishing boat was shipwrecked just of the beach between La Guardia and El Peñón, 20-odd years ago? Well, if you do, you might be surprised to hear that after all this time it is still causing problems.

Still No Bus Station

The reason that there is still no bus station is, according to the Town Hall, a spot of post shuffling; or, if you prefer, councillors getting mixed up over who is supposed to be doing what on a regional level.

We Want a Square!

SAL Molvizar

Meanwhile, over in the thriving metropolis of Mólvizar, the village stray dog was reported to have stood up, yawned twice, stretched before lying back down again and going back to sleep – the locals are exhausted by all this activity.

Calle Nueva Chaos

The halted work on Calle Nueva is raising blisters on the Town Hall’s complaints desk as locals lose patience. The Calle Nueva belongs to the centro histórico of Salobreña, containing many businesses that are being adversely affected by the road works, especially since any signs of activity have disappeared since May.

Carols by Candlelight

English Carols by Candlelight on the Costa comes of age! From small beginnings in a Motril apartment to becoming an annual feature of life on the Costa English Carols by Candlelight this year celebrates its 21st anniversary. In fact this year there will be two separate events – one in Salobreña on Sunday 20th December and another in Almuñécar on Tuesday 22nd.

Arbol Blanco

Brothers Jorge and Nacho at Arbol Blanco in Almuñécar gave me their Christmas menu, and will be preparing both Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve meals.

Eroski’s Swedish Xmas Items

Hey Swedes, now you can order your Jul Skinka at Eroski, Almuñécar, where you also can find a lot of Scandinavian food such as Herrgårdsost, Gamle Ole ost, Marabou choklad, Läkerol, blåbärssoppa, mörkt bröd, julmust, leverpastej, kaviar, sill, bregott, pepparrot på tub, kexchoklad, Anton Berg’s marzipan and much more. For their Danish clients they have also taken delivery of a special beer for Christmas – Tuborg Julebrygd