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Andrés Segovia

Although briefly mentioned in the La Herradura section, we feel the 25th anniversary of the Andrés Segovia Classical Guitar Competition at the Centro Civico in La Herradura is definitely worth a mention

Hispano-Arab Simposium

The yearly cultural encounter between the Middle East and Spain (V Simposium de Encuentros Hispano-Arabes), took place in Almuñécar between the 22nd and 24th of October, including a celebration to mark the 25th anniversary of the placing of the Abderramán statue in the square that bears its name (right next to the cross on the…

Blue Zone Velilla

When the leader of the PSOE stated before the press that the PP had fully backed the governing party’s decision to extend Blue-Zone parking in Velilla, the PP were quick to respond that this was not the case.

Policemen Arrested

An internal investigation by the Guardia Civil resulted in the arrest, amongst others, of two G.C. policemen stationed in Almuñécar.

Meet the Shoppers

The Meet-the-Public, open day held at Eroski (old Hiper supermarket) went of well, with many people leaving suggestions on what items they would like to see on the supermarket’s shelves, as well as trying out the Maipo Chilean wine and cider.

Lorry Park Suggested

The Partido Popular put forward a motion in the last plenary meeting of the Town Council, suggesting that the large space under the autovía bridge over the Río Verde should be utilized as a lorry-parking area.

ARDA not Happy

Talking of associations, the Asociación de Alcohólicos Rehabilitados de Almuñécar y La Herradura (ARDA) has handed back the small subvention that they received from the Town Hall, as, they say, they feel discriminated against.

New Boulevard in P-4

Hey, we’ve got a new boulevard, sort of thing. It runs down side of the river in the P-4. I’m not sure how far it goes down, but it looks as if it runs all the way down to the tennis courts, near the main road.