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Swimming Pool Renovations

It’s time to congratulate what is actually a really great facility for getting underway with installing an impressive 84 solar panels on the roof to heat the water and control climatisation.

A-44 But No A-7

Last month all eyes swivelled to the virtually completed La Herradura-Taramay A-7 autovía – it was all over, bar the shouting, yet the announced inauguration turned out to be for the last bit of the A-44, Granada-Motril autovía.

A-44 But No A-7 (II)

Work physically began on the Granada-Motril part of the autovía in July 1998, with the commencement of the Alhendín – Dúral section.

A-44 But No A-7 (III)

Allow me to put you out of your misery, before we go any further: the bigwig from Madrid, José Blanco, announced that the La Herradura-Taramay section of the A-7 Autovía del Mediterraneo wouldn’t be opened until the end of July.