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ARDA not Happy

Talking of associations, the Asociación de Alcohólicos Rehabilitados de Almuñécar y La Herradura (ARDA) has handed back the small subvention that they received from the Town Hall, as, they say, they feel discriminated against.

New Boulevard in P-4

Hey, we’ve got a new boulevard, sort of thing. It runs down side of the river in the P-4. I’m not sure how far it goes down, but it looks as if it runs all the way down to the tennis courts, near the main road.

Silly Suggestion?

Courtesy of: InfoCostaTropical

There are few times that our dear politicians – and our local ones are no exception – get together and agree on something. When they do, it normally entails pay rises for themselves.

Taramay 4X4 Trials

I don’t know about you guys but I missed the off-road trials that were held in Taramay, just below Hotel Playcalida on the 27th of September – hardly surprisingly really, as that falls within Gazette Utter Madness Week; the run up to going to print. It had just rained the night before, but far from…

Día de Europa

It was a bit of a strange European Day in Almuñécar this year. Several people asked us if we had any news on when or where it would be – there was even some doubt about it taking place or not, owing to the present economical squeeze on the municipal coffers.

Choir Takes 3rd Prize

The Coro de Cámara de Juventudes Musicales de Almuñécar won Third Prize in the international choir competition that was held in Barcelona. Congratulations, Folks!

Mayor Acquitted I

The Almuñécar political class, as well as many Almuñequeros, were surprised when the Supreme Court acquitted the Mayor of Almuñécar over the Tropical Fruits SA case.

Mayor Acquitted II

If the Mayor of Almuñécar were a racehorse, under his present circumstances, nobody would bet on him, but he repeatedly crosses the judicial finishing line in first place.

Meanwhile, in Orgiva…

And now for the news from Órgiva… there isn’t any, so you’re just going to have to make do with some photos from your fiestas.