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False Alarm

False-Alarm Terrorist Attack: an empty car with a false number plate parked badly outside Guardia Civil barracks, home to 17 families of the law, can only mean one of two things.

Rubbish Strike Called Off

Limdeco are saying that, should the Council go ahead with the privatisation, they must guarantee the safety of all of its 270 employees. If not, striking will start on the 10th of August smack

Helicopter Display Motril

On display were a range of private, civil and government owned ‘copters including two R44 Robinson’s from Alicante, a Rotorway from Málaga that was built over five years by a father and son team and a Gazelle owned by a British Lord and


Tucked away in a little corner of Motril’s town centre a delightful little gallery-come-art centre has recently opened its doors. Run by the fabulous and somewhat eccentric Virginia Ruiz Mansilla this creative little haven offers local artists the chance to exhibit their work and rub shoulders with other like-minded souls.

Yuan Wok

If you have never eaten at a Wok style Asian Restaurant, then you have truly missed out. Being a lover of Asian cuisine, this is one of my favourite concepts.
You choose from uncooked super fresh ingredients, take them to the guy at the wok, who will give you a choice of sauces… he then cooks the fresh food in front of you while you wait. It is delicious beyond belief!

Wok Yuan Motril

What can I say? After lots of anticipation over the opening of Wok Yuan in Motril, we have been rewarded for our patience! This restaurant is not just impressive in its size; they also have a separate eating area for smokers, and throughout, the minimalist Asian décor is superb and of course, so is the…