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Lawsuit Loony

Well, New York has now produced the lawsuit to beat all lawsuits… Anton Purisima, 62, decided that he would sue just about everybody he has ever met and some that he hasn’t. The amount he is looking for in this action? Two undecillion dollars! That is a two followed by 36 zeros.

Breaking & Entering?

It must be great to have friends with lovely houses that they don’t use that often. So it was that a family decided to stay in a rather posh area of New York over the New Year period in a cottage owned by their friend. However, when they arrived on December 30th at the property in Hampton, they were rather surprised to see two police officers having sex in the premises!

Spam Scam Parking Ticket

Internet users in Spain are receiving mysterious NYK parking fines. New York State Police are warning people of yet another fake parking ticket scam. The state’s computer crimes unit says a spam message is popping up in people’s email in-boxes, claiming to be a traffic ticket.