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Bare Butt Biking

It started in Vancouver, Canada way back in 2004 and has become an annual even, with cities throughout the world taking part. This year we are talking about Mexico City… and, of course, the Annual Naked Bike Day.

Naked Arrests

Four protesters were arrested in San Francisco, USA, for being completely naked. The reason they were naked was to protest at the city’s ban on public nudity, the day of the protest coincided with the first day of the ban.

Sexy Coffin Calendar

It appears that the coffin making trade in Poland is rather competitive, so much so that one particular firm has caused rather a stir by trying to improve sales with a calendar. So, how do you make coffins look interesting on a calendar? Easy, just get semi-naked women to drape themselves over the caskets.

Two National Articles

Three Spanish tourists in Figueras, Girona, were shocked and dismayed to discover a hidden web-cam in their hotel shower. The two brothers and a girlfriend found the camera after noticing some tape on an air vent high up the shower wall.