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The Topical Ticket?

The provincial law court of Sevilla has sentenced two young men to 13 years imprisonment each for burglary and the murder of a priest on the 6th of October, 2010

Málaga Murder

The body of Málaga lawyer, Salvador Andrés Reina was found in the boot of his car near the bus station in the city last Friday. The find brings to an end, in the worst possible way, the uncertainty felt by the family over his disappearance. The 50-year-old lawyer’s body showed signs of having suffered a violent death.

Taramay Killer Sentenced

Gunter V.F. from Germany and former resident of Taramay, Almuñécar, received an 18-year prison sentence for the murder of his 86-year-old Belgian boss, on whose property he lived. Apart from the incarceration, he will also have to pay 90,000 euros to his victim’s widow and cover all the court costs of of the trial.

Past Catching Up

A 62-year-old Columbian man has been remanded in custody without bail over a murder committed 18 years ago. The man, Genaro Ramallo, is suspected of having murdered his wife and her son all those years ago on a farm belonging to him, in the province of Huelva

Serial Killer Caught?

The man who was arrested in the province of Malaga for the murder of two women could be a serial killer with other victims.

Swedish Girls Attacked

Regional News: A 30-year-old man allegedly tried to sexually abuse a 19-year-old Swedish woman and then slit her throat – he also managed to wound the girl’s roommate. The incident took place in a hostel in Fuengirola.

Born to Die I

The next article is from the Malaga area and concerns a 31-year-old, Paraguayan woman who has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for the 2nd-degree murder of her baby that she gave birth to on a toilet.