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Lottery Poisoning Death Mystery

Urooj Khan was an Indian immigrant, living in Chicago, Illinois in the USA, described as a kind and generous man who worked extremely hard. He worked in a dry cleaning shop for many years, eventually opening his own shop.

Man Jumps from Almuñécar Rock?

Details are not clear but the alleged murderer of a young woman reportedly hurled himself from the Peñon de Santo in Almuñécar. The 37-year-old man spent 36 hours in hospital recovering from his injuries before being taken to prison.

Controversial Age Limit

Many residents might have lived here for decades but it is more than likely that they are unaware that minimum age for consensual sex in Spain is only 13, unlike the rest of Europe were it varies between 14 and 16 – Malta is the exception where it is 18.

Karaoke Killer – Wonky World

There are quite a few people who dislike karaoke with a passion, however, that hatred of listening to awful renditions of beautiful songs does not usually run to murder, but it has been known.

Pickaxe Murder Sentence Confirmed

The Regional Supreme Court has ratified a 23-year prison sentence for Javier Stephan I.M. in Almería for having murdered his wife using a pickaxe. The 31-year-old condemned man had inflicted 24 blows with a small pickaxe to the victim’s head, before making sure of his intentions by slitting her throat.

Briton Sentenced to Jail

Alan M.D. has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend on the 29th of May 2009. The man, who resides in Orihela (Alicante) stabbed her to death, inflicting 47 knife wounds.