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Contactless Online Fraud

By Hugh MacArthur

Every time they bring out a new way of making payments there are those that find ways of using the system to steal your money. »

Speed Limit Changes

By Hugh MacArthur

Beware because as of Monday (28th) the new speed limits on national (N-340 for example) roads came into effect meaning that the top speed is 90 KPH. »

Mobile Causes Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

It was half five in the morning when the family in Las Gabias awoke to a thump-like sound in the sitting room. At first they thought that the cat had knocked something over but looking through the open bedroom door César Pardo could see a glow coming out of the downstairs room. When he... »

Danish Tourist Strangles Wife

By Hugh MacArthur

The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía (TSJA) has confirmed the 15-year prison sentence for a Danish tourist for murder. »

Involuntary Investment Return

By Martin Myall

A man was arrested for stealing 540 euros from a prostitute; the sum that he had just paid her for her services - it's a long story, but here goes... »

Erotic Calls Mayor Acquitted

By Hugh MacArthur

The ex-Mayor of Castril, José Juan López, has been cleared of making calls from the his official mobile phone to erotic hotlines. »

Brit Hands in 5,750 Euros in Nerja

By Paula Anthony

A Dutch tourist in Nerja lost his sports bag with nearly 6,000 euros inside, but was fortunate enough that an honest man found it and handed it into the police. »

Controversial Aerial

By Louise Powell

The proximity of Mobile-telephone aerials has always caused social turbulence and the Baja del Mar one in Almuñécar is no exception. »

Wireless Charging

By Zen2net

The last quarter of 2013 is here and with it the launch of lots of new mobile products, mainly Smartphones and tablets, just in time for holiday gift-giving (What? Christmas season already?) »

Staggering Phone Bill

By Hugh MacArthur

How would you like to receive a mobile phone bill for 20,000 euros? Ana María García did and is not bothered - the Town Hall pays it. »

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