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Danish Inventions

Very interesting article by our Danish contributor Mette Owens ‘bigging up’ Danish inventors who are responsible for many every day items.
A Dane by the name Peter Jensen was instrumental in the invention of the loudspeaker. Ole Kirk Christiansen invented the Lego bricks… and many more!

Hummel is Danish

The European Men’s Handball Championships in Serbia are happening as I write this article. I watched Denmark lose to both Poland and Serbia, but smiled at the fact that at least both winning teams were sporting Danish uniforms. I recognized the distinctive chevron sleeve trim on the jerseys and shorts and knew instantly that they were hummel (spelled with lower case h) uniforms. This chevron trim and a stylized bumblebee are the company’s logo.

Royal Visit

One of the biggest highlights for a city or town in Denmark is when members of the Royal family pay a visit. At the time of writing this article, there is only one day until HRH Crown Prince Frederik and HRH Crown Princess Mary visit the small community I am in.

Local Women’s News

In the past I have written about WomenWorks, which is a network of women living and working on the Costa Tropical. One of the founders, Glen Ladeggard has decided to move back to her native home, Australia, this summer.

Concert in the Castle

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a dynamic, fellow Dane, based in Málaga. His name is Henrik Andersen. I contacted him because I heard he was organizing the Smokie concert on May 8th at Castillo Solhail in Fuengirola.

Brave New Beginning

Who is Susie MacLean? Well, in my opinion, she is a walking encyclopedia about the history and culture of Spain. Her Scottish last name is misleading, as she is actually from Denmark. One day, 10 years ago, she made a spontaneous decision to board a plane heading for Spain. It was an impulsive decision that would change the course of her life.