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Suitcase Passenger

A Moroccan Man and a Spanish woman were arrested after hiding a 13-year-old girl in a suitcase of 70cm x 50cm, amongst their car luggage. The couple were had arrived in Spain via the Melilla-Málaga ferry.

Nador Connection for Motril Port

The Motril Port Authorities have fixed a ferry connection with Nador on the North African coast as their 2012 objective. The complete success behind the Melilla link is behind this new initiative.

Melilla Ferry & Drug Smuggling

No sooner than the Motril-Melilla ferry link had been set up, then cases of attempted drug smuggling, using this link between the two continents, started cropping up.

Growing Ferry Success

Even though the Motril-Melilla ferry service wasn’t inaugurated until the 12th of last month, almost one month later 8,463 passengers have crossed, together with 2,273 vehicles, all to the detriment of Malaga port which normally handles this traffic.

Jet-Ski Race

Thirty jet-ski riders competed in the Motril-Melilla race. Some had come from as far as Portugal and Italy to take part in this now annual Motril event.