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Sabina – Sunday 22nd September

If you are in or around Almuñécar on Sunday September 22nd, then a visit to Restaurante-Café-Bar Sabina is highly recommended. The reason for this is that Sabina is doing a special Sunday menu on that day, which will consist of salad, followed by Lamb Shoulder, a drink and coffee. All for just €13 euros!

Testicle Treat – Wonky World

It is common knowledge that testicles from a variety of animals are regarded as a culinary treat. However, the last thing you expect when the chef says he is going to serve testicles, is that the said testicles will be his own!

Brujas Christmas Menu!

If you are still dithering around wondering where to go for a festive treat, well get your hungry bodies down to Brujas Bar in La Herradura! The Witches are putting on a special Xmas menu for just €12.50.

Califa Tossers!

You are really going to love this… No, honestly, if you never really got the Dangerous Dave tag, well you will now! Firstly, I would like to point out, that although the following sounds a bit ‘off the wall’ or even crazy, I personally think it’s an innovative and boundary pushing idea, so let’s see…