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Policeman, Car Thief & Long Drop

By Hugh MacArthur

Yesterday saw the day of a man being tried for the attempted murder of a Guardia Civil Officer, who had caught him red-handed breaking into a car. »

Frenchwoman Swept into the Sea

By Hugh MacArthur

The emergency services are searching for a French tourist who was swept into the sea, on Wednesday around 16.30h in Portocolom (Mallorca). »

Flash Floods Kill Five

By Hugh MacArthur

The death toll as of 08.00h this morning stands at five, but there are still people unaccounted for on the island of Mallorca. »

Tracked by Telltale DNA

By Vivienne Hughes

On the 17th of April SEPRONA (Guardia Civil Environmental Branch) received news of a badly beaent pup that had been dumped in a rubbish hopper. »

A Weekend of Numerous Drownings

By Martin Myall

A total of seven people drowned in separate incidents this weekend past in Madrid (2), Mallorca (2), Córdoba, Gran Canaria and Barcelona. »

Baby Left in Locked Car

By Vivienne Hughes

A 10-month-old girl died after being left in a locked car for eight hours on Friday. This took place in Mallorca on the Balearic Islands. »

Foreign Cyclist Killed

By Vivienne Hughes

A driver knocked over nine cyclists yesterday in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, seriously injuring several of them. »

Swiss Couple Hit by Lightning

By Vivienne Hughes

A Swiss couple were badly injured yesterday after being struck by lightning when they were sightseeing from the Torre de Cala in Basset, which is a vantage point in Adratax (Mallorca). »

Danish Toddler Drowns

By Vivienne Hughes

A Danish toddler drowned in a private pool on a rented rural property in Llucmajor, Mallorca on the last day of July. »

Drunk Driver Kills Cyclist

By Hugh MacArthur

A French tourist allegedly hit a cyclist in Mallorca last night, Wednesday the 14th, resulting in his death at the scene of the collision. »

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