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Comunidad Ins and Outs

When you own a property in Spain, you will most probably belong to a community of owners or residents association, except where your property is a detached house and not within an urbanización.

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements

It is becoming common nowadays to see lawyers from countries within the EU requiring the enforcement of sentences passed by tribunals in other EU countries. For example, if your debtor has moved to Spain, leaving no assets in his home country, you can still enforce the legal resolution in Spain. Another example is child custody…

Reform in Traffic Law.

The Ministry of the Interior and the Traffic Department (Dirección General de Tráfico or DGT) have recently issued information regarding the new traffic laws that came into force in May.

Losing Your Home

Although interest rates are at a historical low at present, the economic crisis, the difficulties in the housing market and the euro’s strength against other currencies are creating serious problems for some families when it comes to making their mortgage repayments.

Legal Aid

The Motril School of Lawyers have recently announced that any person with limited resources will be able to contact them for assistance. Any citizen of Motril or its municipalities who wishes to speak to a lawyer can now contact them on 958 824 956 to make an appointment between 09:00 and 15:00 hours. You’ll obviously need to speak Spanish or have someone with you who does and will need to prove you would qualify for this service.

What to Do…

Although it’s definitely not a nice subject, we have to face the reality that one day we might be confronted with the death of one of our relatives.

Law Abiding

Hopefully you wont require the services of our José Luis Sanchez Parejo, who works from his office in La Herradura, because if you do, it probably means you have some sort of legal problem. You’ve guessed it, he’s a particularly good lawyer, and very friendly chap as well.

Bleak House?

I still feel a shiver cross my spine when I remember Dickens’ Bleak House; a harsh criticism to the English legal system of the XVIII Century: