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Selling Her Sister’s Kidney

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policia Nacional arrested a 34-year-old Moroccan woman in Soria, Castilla-León, who allegedly was attempting to sell her sister's kidney. »


By David Darby

Still in China, but with a rather disturbing story whereby five people have been charged with illegal organ trading after a teenager who was desperate to have the latest iPhone and iPad ended up selling his kidney. The sad young chap by the name of Wang was paid 3,500 US dollars for his organ, he... »

Good Samaritan Priest

By Editor

(Granada capital) The actions of a priest in Barcelona kicked off a donor chain involving six people, ending in Granada’s Virgen de las Nieves hospital. This is how it worked: the priest, for completely altruistic reasons donated a kidney to a man in a Barcelona hospital... »

My Organ’s for Sale

By Duncan Inglis

A man in the Huelva town of Isla Cristina is, besides camping outside of the town hall in petition for help to his unemployment problem, offering one of his kidneys for sale in the hopes of solving his economic woes. »

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