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Hill Fire in El Cerval

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar fire service was out, backed by an infoca helicopter, tackling a fire in the El Cerval area behind La Herradura. »

IU Wary over Underwater Park

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar opposition party, IU, is not impressed with the idea about sinking statues etc off Almuñécar beaches, because of the costs it entails. »

An Underwater Theme Park

By Martin Myall

The First Councillor for La Herradura, Juan José Ruiz Joya, met with Junta representatives concerning the planned subaquatic park. »

Awnings for La Herradura

By Vivienne Hughes

This summer, for the first time, the old-town streets of La Herradura have awnings over them to provide shade, keeping things cooler. »

La Herradura Photo Exhibition

By Louise Powell

(COE28) There will be a photo exhibition in La Herradura beginning on the 16th entitled, III Exposición de Fotografías: La Herradura, Lugares, Gente. »

La Herradura Fiestas Summary

By Vivienne Hughes

According to the First Councillor for the village, Juan José Ruiz Joya, the San Jose Fiestas, lasting from Thursday the 17th to Sunday the 20th, went well. »

It’s Stopped Raining… And More on Bickering

By Martin Myall

We said in a recent article entitled Rain, Rain, Rain, which dealt with the municipal kindergarten incident in La Herradura that Juan José Joya was not happy. Well, here's more on it. »

A La Herradura Street Party

By Martin Myall

There doesn't seem to be a lot to celebrate nowadays, but the residents of Calle Bermudas in La Herradura had a party. »

Councillor Denies La Maravillas Claim

By Vivienne Hughes

The First Councillor for La Herradura has denied that he has it in for (bears a grudge) the Asociación de Vecinos de Las Maravillas. This comes after the accusation was made by the CA/PA. »

New School Demand

By David Darby

We have all seen the white sheets hanging around the seafront with large black letters on them demanding a new school, and bemoaning the state of the existing facilities, so who was it the protestors were trying to get through to? »

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