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Controversial Eviction in Jete

Around 500 people gathered in Jete yesterday to try to prevent the eviction of six families, but to no avail. When you take into account the entire population of the village doesn’t reach, 800, that’s quite a turn out.

Itrabo Before the Judge

If you want a case of people building what they like, were the hell they like, then you need only take the back road between Ítrabo and Jete; You climb past multi-storey houses, some looking more ornate than a wedding cake.

Torrecuevas Bridge Unsafe?

The IU opposition party have called the governing council’s attention to the state of the the bridge over which the Jete road runs; i.e., over the rambla de Torrecuevas.

Pass The Water, Please

We received a press release from the Comunidad General de Regantes de Bajo Guadalfeo (irrigation-water-users collective) in which they demand, on Almuñécar, Otívar y Jete’s behalf, that water from the Béznar Reservoir be piped to their valley (El Río Verde).
The problem is that the rainy winter period has drawn to an end very soon the farmers along the valley will have to use energy-consuming pumps to draw water from the wells along the valley. The real problem, of course, is the hike in the price of electricity, which is not being reflected in the price of their crops at the fruit-collection & distribution warehouses (lonjas).
What is being proposed is an 800m-long tunnel to link the reservoir to the Río Verde valley at the 400m-height level, using 8-km of pipe and costing 8,000,000 euros.
“The electricity consumption saving achieved – more than 2,000,000 euros per annum – would help Río Verde tropical fruit farming to survive,” pointed out a spokesman of the CGRBG.

Poisoned Dog Mystery…

The mystery of the poisoned dogs grips the upper part of the Río Verde; namely, Jete and Otívar! By the end of November past, over 20 pets had met their untimely end, thanks to poisoned bait. And we’re not talking about poison being put down in the plantations, but even within the streets of the…