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Guardia Civil Suspects ITV Fraud

After arresting and charging 29 people in the province of Jaen for manipulating speed-limiters on mopeds,the Guardia came across a forged stamp on somebody’s car documents.

Baza Gets ITV Centre

Baza has always been a bother when it comes to getting a vehicle through an ITV inspection, because the inspections centre was 18 kilometres away. The previous mayor in 1992 managed to get an ITV centre for the area but after a bout of sulking from Guadix, the Junta decided to place it equidistant between the two towns – which pleased nobody.

Rubbish Lorry is Rubbish

According to the PP in Alhendín, municipal vehicles won’t pass their ITV’s owing to their lamentable state. They demand, for example, that the rubbish collection lorry should be taken off the road as its ITV certificate expired 3 months previously.

ITV for La Alpujarra

It might seem strange to be talking about 2011 as we begin 2010, but there is a bit of welcome news concerning a planned ITV station for Alpujarra for that year.