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Playa Patrol in Salobreña

By Louise Powell

Four articles in one day! You're all spoilt but we cannot miss out the Playa Patrol event in Salobreña this evening. »

Defects in a Newly Purchased Property

By Maria Teresa Velasco

It’s not uncommon that after purchasing a property, a new buyer finds concealed defects that seriously affect the value or the usage of the property. For example this could be a leaking swimming pool or more serious, a structural problem which compromises the stability of the building. »

Doctors Don’t Like Vitamins!

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Evidence is mounting, that vitamin and mineral supplements do have adverse health effects. The latest on the list are calcium and vitamin E. So far it has been believed(!) that vitamin E and selenium supplementation lower risk for prostate cancer (in men!). However, when early results after 3 years from a large controlled trial showed... »

Parkinson’s Help on the Coast

By Editor

The Parkinson's Association for Granada, which has been operating for 13 years, will provide advice and answer questions, in Salobreña and other coastal towns of Granada. »

Paddy the Wolfhound

By PerrosSi

The weather has been a bit better and so we’ve been out fixing the fence and the driveway, as best we can. Need a digger really. It’s the first time in a while we’ve had a chance to watch the dogs. They’ve started this completely new game thing and I swear to you I... »

Urban Vandalism

By Editor

Nasty little gits have vandalised the electronic, Tourist-Information panels (infoterminales). »

Environmental Information Centre

By David Darby

Juan José Ruiz Joya, the Councillor for La Herradura, has presented a motion at a Town-Hall meeting, proposing that the Department of the Environment at the Junta de Andalucía, set in motion the actions necessary “to set about building an Information Centre in playa de Cantarriján.” »

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