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Two Days of Mourning

Araceli Morales, 60 years old, succumbed to her brutally inflicted injuries, allegedly caused by her 50-year-old husband. She passed away in Granada’s main hospital.

Fighting Unjust Demolition

They are innocent people who have bought their Spanish property in good faith, with all the correct documentation, having invested their life savings into their dream homes. Most of them are elderly.

Residential Home & Care Questionaire

Many expats along the coast feel obliged to return to their own countries when they can no longer live independently, as they often think there are no proper services in place for them here and they are left with little option other than leaving behind what has now become their home.

Lobres Care Home Project

Nicky and John Euesden are fronting a brilliant new project in Lobres, which will see the construction of a Care & Rehabilitation Centre in the town. With tenders out for the construction work, things are really moving ahead.