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AK47 Meal

We’ve all been a little bit disappointed with the service we receive on occasion. But it could only be in the US where staff fail to complete part of an order at a fast food restaurant and the customer, instead of filling in a complaint form, or asking to speak with the manager, he returned to the restaurant carrying an AK47 to get his point across.

Wonky World x 3

Three Wonky World articles, including Twittering jurors cause a retrial, don’t try to mug an MMA fighter even if you have a gun and being Mark Zuckerburg…or not.

Wonky World

Three January edition articles from around the World, including the arrest of a man who tried to order drugs at a drive-through, a gun-dog that shot his master and a snake charmer who released his snakey friends in the local Tax Office.

Not Very Gentlemanly

A male driver threatened a female driver with a pistol over a traffic-related argument. The police, alerted by another driver, chased after and trapped the man.