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Make Fun; not War

The old military training complex up by El Padul, which opened not long after the Spanish Civil War, may soon become a sports and leisure centre.

Dumped Mutt Adopted

Up in Granada’s Zaidín area, an abandoned pooch began to draw increasing attention from passersby, who couldn’t help noticing that Fido the fleabag wouldn’t leave a very defined zone by a road.

The Cost of Walking

Ten years ago a senior citizen while out for a walk in the barrio, stepped into an unexpected hole in the sidewalk, fell, hurt himself, then got up and began proceedings against the Town Hall for 50,000 euros.

Almunequeros Behaving Badly

Almunequeros behaving badly could describe the first few articles of this month’s Almunecar news section. Let’s start with a man who has been sentenced to three year’s imprisonment by a Motril judge for obtaining 13,000 euros by dishonest means – fraud. The man in question, Sr. V.H. from the Ukraine, was in charge of gambling…

Death Threats

A man was found guilty of issuing death threats against the Councillor for Social Affairs, María Dolores Rull and has accepted the one-year prison sentence

Hash Nabbed

Again, a judge at the Motril criminal law courts has been earning his salary and handed down three year’s imprisonment to a man from Rincón de la Victoria…

Squatting Son

What about the son who decided to squat in his father’s flat in Granada while the man was staying in his holiday flat in Almuñécar? Is nothing sacred?

Lying About Injuries

A couple made a police report to say that they had been mugged, when in reality they had beaten the crap out of each other in a domestic argument.