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Salobrena’s New Socialist Mayor

Socialist, Gonzalo Fernández Pulido, was sworn in as the new Mayor of Salobreña, as expected, leading a minority governing council. Like the town’s neighbour, Almuñécar, the Mayor will have to strike deals on major voting issues during the next four years, which will inevitably translate into ceding political stances in order to get the necessary motions through.

Expectant Almunecar…

Even on the very eve of the swearing-ceremony for the new mayor of Almunecar tomorrow, the 11th of June, nothing is certain… Well almost; Almunecar is certain to have its first ever mayoress.

Revealing Fire

The fire service was called to put out a fire in a flat, but whilst they were busy doing that, they couldn’t help noticing 171 marihuana plants…

Perilous Publican

A bar owner from Huescar (north-east Granada) is standing trial for attempting to stab two of his customers to death – fair!

Maintenance Misery

Finding the money to pay your ex her maintenance can be difficult, the case of Cándido Gutiérrez is probably the toughest, as the maintenance that he has to pay his ex-wife is actually more than he earns – which could a bit tricky on the money-juggling front. In February 2009 his 15-year long marriage fell…

The Sound Rebellion

There is a disused secadero (tobacco-drying brick barns) that has been turned into a live-music venue in Alhendin on the outskirts of Granada, and it is very popular. However, the owner has just received a 30-month prison sentence for having the live music too loud, which means that the term exceeds the probation limit of 24 months and consequently, he will actually have to serve time.

Highway Hold Up

The Guardia Civil in Atarfe managed to track down three individuals that beat the crap out of a driver in order to steal his car.

Baza Gets ITV Centre

Baza has always been a bother when it comes to getting a vehicle through an ITV inspection, because the inspections centre was 18 kilometres away. The previous mayor in 1992 managed to get an ITV centre for the area but after a bout of sulking from Guadix, the Junta decided to place it equidistant between the two towns – which pleased nobody.

Mother-in-Law Wasn’t Murdered

A trial by jury concluded with a couple being found ‘not guilty,’ of deliberately shooting the woman’s mother. This was just as well because the man had already been in prison pending trial since 2009. The man, however, was found guilty of the illegal possession of a firearm.