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Punches Wife in Street

A 44-year-old German citizen was arrested in Málaga for alleged ‘Gender Violence’ and resisting arrest. There were several eye witnesses as the incident took place out in the open on a street.

Dani Delight

If you need your hair done and you live in the Almuñécar area, where should you go? Chez Dani of course! This little salon just off the beach in Calle Marquita, is a friendly haven of expert coiffing for both men and women.

German Man Accused in Salobreña

A retired German man is facing a 16-year jail sentence for alleged illegal detention, sexual aggression and bodily harm to a woman of the same nationality. According to the accused, it was the woman who denounced him that had wanted to maintain sexual relations.

Three Wonky World May Articles

Three Wonky World articles from the may edition, including the arrest of a 6-year-old, a German hiding from a nymphomaniac and another German who admits to doing very little during his career.

Málaga Murder

The body of Málaga lawyer, Salvador Andrés Reina was found in the boot of his car near the bus station in the city last Friday. The find brings to an end, in the worst possible way, the uncertainty felt by the family over his disappearance. The 50-year-old lawyer’s body showed signs of having suffered a violent death.

Long (distance) Runner?!

Although it is only weeks since the scandal broke over our President’s bearings, it slowly starts to feel like years. Under every pebble lurks a new ‘scandal’ and I can’t help but think, that there are a lot of people out there who follow their own agendas even if it is only higher sales figures or ratings. Saying that the ongoing controversy partly is his fault, too; bad management – admitting news only after it breaks does not appear very trustworthy.