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Cost of Electricity Soars

By Martin Myall

And you think the price of petrol is going up fast - what about electricity! In the first fortnight of May the price per MWH went up 13%! »

The Dodgy Butano Man Returns!

By David Darby

We have published several articles over the past few years about these 'cold callers' who wear clothing very similar to that worn by Repsol representatives and try to convince householders that they require a 'gas safety check.' They then have a quick look around your appliances, which is swiftly followed by a huge... »

Three Items of National News

By Duncan Inglis

Stories from around Spain, including the discovery of large gas deposits, an attack with a vehicle in a fit of jealousy and the arrest of a Murcian mayor. »

Butano Scam?

By David Darby

Normally we report on this type of incident when it happens to one of our readers, but on this occasion, the potential victim of a bogus butano man was me! The good news is, I read the Gazette every month and knew what was happening from the outset. »

Gas Pipeline

By Dave Nichols

On the subject of pipelines, we have also been treated to another major announcement from our Mayor regarding improvements to our infrastructure. »

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