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Palm Tree Pruning

The annual palm-tree pruning operation has begun in Almuñécar and La Herradura. The operation has started off concentrating on the town centres and paseos, explained the Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón.

Barrio Espinar Facelift

The new team at the Town Hall wheel are keen to leave their mark on La Herradura, which can been seen with the recent activity in Barrio Espinar.

First of all, the steps that lead from the barrio up to Camino Real are having new paving stones laid. Secondly, the little gardens are being tidied up and replanted and finally the walls that run down the stream bed have been re-painted.

Costly Palm Trees

Did you know that the Almuñécar Town Hall spends 68,000 euros tidying up the municipalities palm trees… and we’re only talking about ones in public areas, such as parks, gardens and the beaches?

Just Not Cricket

Nobody could have failed to notice the new street flower displays; large square, chest-type affairs that line Avenida de Andalucia, for example. Well, all those different flowers and plants have obviously been too much of a temptation for many, because as soon as the plant boxes had been decked out with an array of flowering shrubs they disappear,

Something Positive

Let’s finish off the section on a positive note, expressing approval over two projects; one that is just about complete and the other which is set to begin.